How do you deliver an infrastructure platform that delivers a consistent end-user application experience while enabling development that follows standard IT administration processes?

We provide an end-to-end integrated platform to help you with this consolidation providing the benefit of doing more with less by:

- reducing the amount of end user training required across point solutions
- reducing the IT administration function of these applications by having a single set of policies to manage the platform
- reducing the developer function by having a consistent developer experience across all point solutions

Point solutions your organization may be looking to consolidate include:

- enterprise content management
- web content management
- business process management
- business intelligence
- enterprise social computing
- ad hoc / agile application developments

We help you deliver organizational value by enabling you to collaborate more effectively with your communities of influence, operate more efficiently through process automation, and improve insight on organizational knowledge and the key success measures that drive your business.

Our application services include:

- Consulting services: we assess your organizational maturity, identify your knowledge management, business process, business intelligence, collaboration and social computing requirements, and put in a place a roadmap for secure implementation of the most appropriate solutions.
- Professional services: we design and deploy the solutions identified in the consulting engagement. Our services include planning, architecture, project management, business process automation, business intelligence, licensing, governance and staff augmentation.
- Managed services: we supply proactive management of your platform to ensure that it remains stable and supports business continuity 24x7.
- Cloud services​: we offer you options in the cloud to deliver and manage key components of your application environment - providing you the ability to scale your services up or down as your business requires them.

We also assist you to manage training requirements as well as the cultural change associated with the adoption of new systems.