Cloud computing provides a means to meet the increasing technology needs of your business. It can reduce the costs and time required to deploy and support IT infrastructure - and lower the risk. You can then divert your time and money to focusing on growing your business in other areas. However, the cloud is not without its challenges: security, compliance, integration, global coverage and internal readiness can't be considered as an afterthought.

It's a journey that you need to plan carefully. That's where choosing the right cloud provider makes all the difference.

InTalent's versatile suite of cloud services can meet the demands of the most demanding developers, IT managers or global CIOs. It's all about taking the complexity out of the cloud.. Your requirements will depend on your business's size and industry - and your strategy. Our cloud services are comprised of a range of infrastructure offerings, including public cloud IaaS, managed private cloud, managed hosting, security and application services. This means we can support you at every step of your journey to the cloud.

- Our cloud services are secure, easy-to use and fast. They're also designed to run complex, high-performance applications - good news for developers and enterprise IT.
- Our Platform supports public and private cloud services with a common user interface and application programmable interface.
- Our cloud management system provides self-service provisioning, configuration, and management of cloud servers, storage, and networking.
- Architecture and automation are integral components of our cloud services offerings.