We help our clients to attract and retain their target customers with a clearly defined contact center strategy. We draw on our industry experience and knowledge of best practices to shape every aspect of your plan - contact methods, business processes, technology infrastructure, operational blueprint, and performance measurements and bring in visionaries, marketing gurus, contact center specialists, and technologists together to brainstorm and plan. We clarify the contact center's role in sales and service delivery, and identify key factors that drive success

Through expert consultation, we help you define your multi-channel integration requirements and evaluate solutions. This creates clear and tangible business benefits that will align with your customer management strategy.

Our solutions and services cover the following areas:

With InTalent to help you plan, build, support, manage, improve and innovate with your networking infrastructure, you can:

- social media: channel strategy and development; integration with other contact channels
- self-service and automation: customer experience optimization, solution design, implementation and continual improvement
- outbound contact: dialing strategy and technology
- branch and back office: integration and process optimization
- multi-channel interaction: platform selection, configuration, deployment and on-going development.