Demonstrating how your investment in software supports your business's goals isn't easy. Countless complex vendor agreements ... an inability to manage software through the entire lifecycle ... limited skills and resources ... all contribute to the challenge.

Wouldn't it make sense to enlist the expertise of a partner to help you unlock the full potential of your software investments?

Take a proactive approach to software asset management through InTalent's full-services approach.

Here's how we can help you extract value:

Procurement: optimizing how you procure licenses and the structure of licensing agreements and ensuring software license compliance. Should you sign a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement? Would a Microsoft Select Agreement be a better choice? What does your current software estate comprise beyond Microsoft that we can help with?

Deployment: we help you plan, deploy and integrate the software you procure.Measurement and management: critical for creating a compelling business case. The measurement of your software will allow you to successfully prove a return and justify future investments in enterprise software solutions.

Innovation: to ensure alignment with business objectives and goals as your organization evolves. We assist you to continually assess your software strategy, performance and deployment roadmap.